Coblee 被謠言所困擾中

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Coblee 被謠言所困擾中

文章kevin » 2014年 8月 7日, 02:52

最近Coblee 被 Dogecoin :DOGE: 提醒有人在散播關於他的謠言。傳說如果 Dogecoin :DOGE: 切換到其它的工作證明(PoW),中國的礦機廠商將會有顯著的損失。於是給了Coblee 一筆錢 :BTC: 請他去找 Dogecoin :DOGE: 留下來跟 Litecoin :LTC: 合併開採。

Coblee慎重而且憤怒的表示:沒有這回事!!! :x

Recently, I heard a disturbing rumor about me that I was made aware of by the Dogecoin devs. They were told by a reliable source that the only reason why I pushed so hard for merged mining is because I was bribed by Chinese Scrypt ASIC manufacturers. Supposedly, these companies think that their profits will decrease significantly if Dogecoin switches to another PoW, so they bribed or extorted me to convince Dogecoin to merge mine with Litecoin.

I want to categorically deny these rumors.

I approached Dogecoin about merged mining out of my own initiative and nothing else. I have had no direct contact with Chinese Scrypt ASIC manufacturers except for meeting a couple (at Dogecon SF) that claimed to have created the Gridseed chips. The main contact with the Chinese Litecoin mining community is through a Chinese Litecoin fan (pz-pz) and through Weibo (Chinese twitter). pz-pz has asked me to write some messages to the Chinese Litecoin fans and I have done that a few of these. There was definitely no bribery or extortion at all.

I have never ran any Scrypt ASIC miners and don't plan to. The couple that I met at Dogecon SF gave me a USB Scrypt miner, which I have sent to Warren for him to use it on the Litecoin testnet. Also, needless to say, our decision to stay on Scrypt for Litecoin's PoW was not due to any foul play either.

If anyone is convinced otherwise, I ask them to please come forth with proof or tell me who's spreading this nasty rumor. I want to put an end to it as there's absolutely no truth to it. I have nothing to hide. And I hate the fact that some lowlife is spreading lies to hurt me behind my back.




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