8 New Instant Airdrops

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8 New Instant Airdrops

文章mgkao » 2018年 3月 1日, 22:38

I try to find the airdrops from the moment they exist on the web.
Today, after a 2 day pause, in my daily search, I found no less than 8 NEW INSTANT AIRDROPS!

One of them is absolutely free, you only pay for the gas, and the other ones request small amounts of ether. This is a common practice for the developers of projects based on tokens when they what a quality distribution of the tokens. This way they avoid the spam, claims from the same person with multiple accounts etc.

How can you get the airdrops?

Set the gas limit to 100,000
Set the gas price to 3 gwei (Or the recommended price from here)
Send the requested ETH to the contract addresses specified
1. EventBlock (EBK)
Send 0 ETH to 0x0fb3cc03036d2221d91b22eb0b94575f05cd7958
for 4000 EBK
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2. Win Last Mile (WLMT)
Send 0.001 ETH to 0x60EAFe7f42da9FE2a56FEF0Fbfeeabc0dEeE631B
for 288 WLMT

This one is most promising in my opinion.

3. PayFinnex (PFX)
Send 0.002 ETH to payfinnex.thisisme.eth or0x3969ceC1f8Ea2058d77cB3CC07DC6ebf89E86F01
for 3000 PFX
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Contract: https://etherscan.io/address/payfinnex.thisisme.eth
This one is most promising in my opinion.

4. Lynda Coin (LYNDA)
Send 0.001 ETH to 0x9c771633963218875db6e5ba22f2f7ba52ba1869
for 500,000 LYNDA

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5. Bitcoin Emerald (BTCE)
Send 0.0009 ETH to 0x4ef757b0de4eddc3090246910bdf1beecd6e3d5a
for 10 BTCE
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Total supply only 21,000,000 BTCE!

6. Polaris Network (POL)
Send 0.001 ETH to 0x62689683499db2c9656d928bb166783223777755
for 22,000 POL
1_wWtkJNeTTeGKaKdIVEWd7w.png (11.34 KiB) 已瀏覽 275 次

7. Intellium (INTL)
Send 0.001 ETH to 0xafe17f08655ccb47ddb9a751e86a1d59eef9baae
for 6000 INTL

1_sUSwklJqRu8y6Ev-CLuYKA.png (11.37 KiB) 已瀏覽 275 次

And one from the last week but still promising:

8. Lucky Token (LUCKY)
Send 0.001 ETH to 0x817E5796771EfCbef00D0886826bc19AB621dCEa
for 1,000,000 LUCKY

1_RZtbuDM9vSXAuAaKtnAqVQ.png (11.3 KiB) 已瀏覽 275 次

Contract: https://etherscan.io/address/lucky.viewwallet.eth
There are over 2500 token holders.


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